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There is something unquestionably comforting about retaining full control of the design of a website, and it is understandable that many website designers want to keep their hands in the code of their sites.
The updating of a bespoke HTML site, however, is undeniably painstaking and labor intensive.

Online HTML to WordPress conversion is the best solution for moving forward.

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WordPress Configuration Flexibility

Broad theme selection is one of the most valuable benefits of a WordPress site. Webmasters may choose a theme that is intricately developed and bundles a great deal of powerful functionality within it, or they may choose a lightweight theme that is easier to customize to very specific needs.

This gives webmasters a wide selection of options for moving to WordPress, while retaining the look and feel of the original website design. This type of smooth transition means no extraneous time and expense will be required to nurture confused visitors through website changes.

SEO Efficiency

Webmasters have been developing strategies for incorporating website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for years, and they certainly have learned some savvy techniques over time. Built-in WordPress tools, however, make this task much more efficient.

Search optimization can be accomplished in a fraction of the time, and it can be tweaked quickly when necessary. In addition to built-in SEO tools, plugins created specifically for SEO in order to improve site for the best possible search engines rankings.

Extending Features

The ability to extend the functionality of a website with just a few clicks is valuable to any site operator, even seasoned webmasters and site designers. The staggering assortment of plugins can make it easy to add nearly any type of function imaginable to a website. Social media and multimedia features, for instance, can be quickly integrated with surprising ease.

User Management

The ability to delegate specific tasks to designated users is of significant benefit to webmasters who want to permit dynamic content without the risk of accidental code alterations. WordPress provides a practical structure for assigning permissions to individual users. Some users might be granted permissions that allow changes to the site structure, but other users might be assigned permissions that only allow them to add or edit content.

Website owners and web designers will find that the WordPress platform not only offers flexibility in site design and search engine optimization, but that it also provides a convenient system for managing users and extending functionality.
Additionally, it can accomplish these things while keeping the original look and feel of a site design if desired. Once the HTML to WordPress conversion is done, it is easy to keep site content fresh and dynamic.

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